About Us
We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a lunar business to change the Earth.

Our experience comes from many different projects and industries.

What we are best at

Our Expertise

Lunar Regolith
We specialize in lunar ice extraction, regolith conveyance, lunar landing pads, and lunar energy storage.
Spacecraft Systems
Bringing over 15 years of experience developing and operating spaceflight technologies.
Planetary Architecture
We work with leading experts on mining, manufacturing, and construction with space resources.
Space Leadership
We have decades of experience building successful companies in technology, coming from Masten and Tesseract.
Lunar Mission Design
Dr. Woods is an expert in lunar mission design, having worked with Intuitive Machines and at Open Lunar.
Optical Navigation
Experience in GNC with a focus on Kalman filtering, attitude determination and control.
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